Message from chairman

For those engaged in the construction business, it is our goal and duty to streamline the works and reduce the costs. Being in the formwork business for over 40 years, I have been giving deep considerations as to how the formwork can be streamlined. We have now successfully formulated a solution - which we call the "Gatch".

At a construction site, plywood is typically used as formwork. Carpentry works are often made to adjust the size. Once the plywood is cut, the remaining pieces cannot be reused. Of course, some plywood can be used without cutting but the number of reuses is limited because of deterioration. In fact, plywood is considered as a consumable and using wooden material increases the environmental burden. In addition to that, plywood formwork requires advanced skills. As we all know, it is getting more difficult to employ workers with adequate skills.

"Gatch" is an innovation of formwork and it will allow you to assemble formwork easily like a toy block and use it many times with a life time of over 10 years. The distinct uniqueness of "Gatch" is that components for inside and outside corners are available and this makes it possible to configure any rectangular structure in 3D without requiring carpentry work. That's why "Gatch" can reduce costs as well as the environmental burden.

"Gatch" will solve your problems such as costs for material, construction periods, and labor shortages. To experience the benefit of "Gatch", why don't you start by trying a flat component of "Gatch" instead of plywood?

My mission is to spread the innovative formwork widely across the world to provide construction with reasonable price.

Charman, Takayuki Morimoto